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Using an iPad 2, the power / sleep button stopped working.  Pressing the button won't make it sleep.  Holding the button won't shut it down.  I tried a hard restart (pressing the power and home buttons at the same time) for 10 seconds then one minute, and nothing happend.  So I decided to restore the ipad and backed it up to my MBP in iTunes.  When I clicked the button to Restore a message said some apps weren't transferred, but I don't know how to transfer apps and figured that's what a back up is.  I tried drag/drop of apps but that didn't work.  I looked around for instructions how to transfer the apps but there was nothing but Back Up, so I clicked Restore.


The iPad was Restored, but all the apps were deleted and the power / sleep button still doesn't work, so it won't shut off or sleep.


Any ideas?

iPad 2