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Terry Fundak Level 2 (150 points)

I searching for the information that the terminal "last" command holds.


When I execute the "last' command...... I am seeing too little to be real..... something is up..... I need to determine when the information was deleted.


What log file is the last command using? In Mt. Lion, in Lion, in Snow Leopard?


Thanx for your help

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  • Terry Fundak Level 2 (150 points)

    When I use the last command on this server which should have a long history, I get this....




    macmini:~ admin$ last

    admin   ttys000  xyz.com Fri Jan 18 10:00   still logged in


    wtmp begins Fri Jan 18 10:00





    I'm concerned because it appears my login history - of all events is gone except the current session.


    I need to go to backups to determine what happen and when, but what file do I need and is it a "bhah.asl" kind of file. If so, how do I read those...

  • FromOZ Level 3 (545 points)

    The database for this on OS X is (I believe) in /var/audit.


    If I run the 'last' command on my system the first entries I see are


    user   console                   Sun Aug 12 09:44 - 22:09  (12:25)

    reboot    ~                      Sun Aug 12 09:42


    If I execute


    sudo ls /var/audit


    the first file shown is




    With the date portion of the file name obviously matching the first entry in the 'last' command. The database files are binary files.


    As to why it is not logging on your machine don't know off the top of my head, you obviously will need to check all your system processes. It is likely a question you would need to ask Apple as I believe their accounting daemons may not be 100% Unix standard.

  • Terry Fundak Level 2 (150 points)

    For those who are reading this, this is about a Mt. Lion system with current patches 10.8.3


    Thank you for the reply and the pointer to the audit directory.


    I am continuing to ponder why last at the terminal is given unexpected behavior. I am now noticing the history in last is only for the "last" - no pun intended - 24 hours or there abouts on one of my systems. In the audit directory there are many more entries


    Wed Mar 20 09:47:14 terry@mymac:~ >>last

    terry   ttys001                   Wed Mar 20 09:47   still logged in

    terry   ttys000                   Wed Mar 20 09:47   still logged in

    terry   console                   Wed Mar 20 09:41   still logged in

    reboot    ~                         Wed Mar 20 09:39

    shutdown  ~                         Wed Mar 20 09:39

    terry   ttys001                   Wed Mar 20 09:03 - 09:13  (00:09)

    terry   ttys000                   Wed Mar 20 09:03 - 09:13  (00:09)

    terry   console                   Wed Mar 20 09:03 - 09:39  (00:35)

    reboot    ~                         Wed Mar 20 09:00


    wtmp begins Wed Mar 20 00:56


    >>sudo ls -lsa /var/audit/

    256 -r--r-----1 root  wheel   130862 Nov 24 14:52 20121124213110.20121124225215
      56 -r--r-----1 root  wheel26733 Nov 24 15:23 20121124225256.20121124232301
      40 -r--r-----1 root  wheel19634 Nov 24 15:43 20121124232348.20121124234351


    and then DOZENS and DOZENS more.... and finally those for yesterday are missing and then today.


    2016 -r--r-----1 root  wheel  1031355 Mar 18 23:31 20130318150701.20130319063139
    840 -r--r-----1 root  wheel   426232 Mar 20 00:56 20130319154442.20130320075621
      56 -r--r-----1 root  wheel26259 Mar 20 09:39 20130320160056.20130320163908
      40 -r--r-----1 root  wheel19050 Mar 20 09:55 20130320163956.not_terminated


    Also when I look thru the list of audit file  the 15th and the 10th of Mar are missing..... hummmmm...


    Any idea what could cause this?


    I am suspicion of some sort of hacking but just see any direct evidence of it ....


    I have gone an gotten the source code for last at the BSD project but Im' not a c programmer and apple's version is a branch or so it seems to me cause they've got to be different and I'm not sure where to configure last or how to better understand what I'm seeing.


    Anyone care to help me understand what could be going on?