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My Safari is running incrediably slow , I keep my history clear , empty my caches frequently . I have a Regular PC that I have to use for work , that I use Google with , and it is instant , so I know it is not my wirless conection. I have also tested that on my Mac , and it says that it is work properly. Ideas ?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Please click the link below, which leads to Apple's home page. Does it load slowly or at normal speed?


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    If you have downloaded internet plug-ins, these can often slow down your connection.  To check this, do the following:


    - quit all open applications

    - click finder in the dock, so the word finder appears beside the apple.  Also note in the top menu, is the word "Go", click the go menu and then hold down your option key on your keyboard.  This will make a "library" appear under your home in the Go drop down.   Select the library, then go to preferences - drag "com.apple.safari.plist" to the trash


    Go back one screen by clicking the backward arrow and select the "Internet Plug-ins", or go back to "Go" hold down your option key on your keyboard, and select the library, the folder entitled "Internet Plug-ins". 


    Be default, this folder is empty.  If you have downloaded plug-ins, you will see them listed here.  Drag them out to your desktop.


    - close all open windows, then launch safari and test it