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I have the Network Account Server enabled on the Mac mini / ML Server to manage network accounts. I obvisously have the first account that I created when setting up the Mac mini (this was even before installing Server app), which is the Admin account. This is a local account. Great, Apple's documentation says I should be able to log in remotely using this local admin account. But I can't. What am I missing? Other users are able to login fine. I tried to login as diradmin - no luck. I am trying to access the server as the server local admin FROM a Macbook Pro with Lion OS. Thinking that might have something to do with it, I tried from a ML OS - no luck. I am unable to run the Server app from my Lion OS (not compatible) Any ideas? I am sure it's something simple! Don't keep me in suspense!

Mac mini Server (Mid 2010), OS X Server, 8GB RAM
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    "Remote Login" you could mean a lot of things

         - screensharing, remote manage,emt

         - server.app

         - AFP file sharing

         - wiki



    You can definitely screenshare to the server to manage it.

    Try this link in Safari (change IP to your server's IP)


    This will open screensharing and connect you.

    You need port 5900 to be open between you and the server.


    If you want to use AFP file sharing from another mac.

    If that mac allows you to connect with another account, then you know connectivity is good.

    If thats the case, then most likely its a permissions issue with the sharepoint.

    An admin isn't granted access to everything just because they are admin.

    Make sure the admin user has permission to access the sharepoint.


    If the above doesn't help... please provide more info.

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    If you carefully read you'll see that what I mean is this: Other users (whose accounts AND Home directories reside on the server) can select "Other..." at the login screen on ANY Mac and that any Mac becomes literally their own Mac (with their own Desktop background picture, Desktop etc.). I can not do this, why? I should be as far as I know!


    The only difference I can think of between my admin account on the server and their accounts on the server is that my account exists on the server as a local account (local to the server) while theiers exist as "Local Netwok User" on the server. All of their as well my Home folders exist in a single share point on the server.


    To be clear, I am not totally connection-less , I am able to screen share to the server, I am also able to use the Server app on any compatible Mac and log in to the server that way.


    Hope this clarifies things a bit. In essesnce, what I am trying to to do specifically is to go to any Mac and login to my server local admin account, AT the login screen of that non-server Mac.

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    Not possible.

    Only Network Accounts can be used to login to a workstation.


    The workstations only have access to the server's network accounts.. They have no access to the server's local accounts.

    Thats the difference between a local and network account.


    You'll have to use an admin account local to each machine or use some other network account.

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    Thanks! You are right, I think it's the ambiguity of the word "login" it can mean a lot of things! I had read in the Advanced Server Guide that the Local account could be used to login to the server to administer the server. See this: https://help.apple.com/advancedserveradmin/mac/10.8/#apdAF350FB7-A02D-4BEE-8B58- 9DC69AE91440 I didn't realize they were saying the obvious!! - Kind of like saying if you have an account on your (reg, non-server) Mac, you can login, duh (< A statement like this ofcourse has its place for example when talking to someone who has never used a computer before, yes)