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I am getting desperate trying to cancel by telephone a subscription to the NY Times since it expired on 01-15-13, and I tried to call to cancel and I even called the NY Times and spoke to an agent there that indeed located my subscription but could not help me cancel since I had bought it from iTunes.


He did give me a tel. number for iTunes but he did not vouch that it would help me since it ended up being a technicl support number and the lady I spoke with told me that she could not even tell me where to go to cancel and she of course could not cancel it so back to square 1.


I 'm concerned because my credit card did not have the funds to cover tha $34.99 charge, and escond, I have bought many apps. so far from your partners but now I am told that I will not be able to updare any of them as they offer updatings due to the payment problem on the NY Times although I  did not even wish to buy it again from iTunes at all.


I have had an Apple I-phone as you can tell, for many years now and have the 3rd one right now and getting ready for May to come to upgrade to

the latest model, but with this service, I'm inclined to "fuhgetetabout-it" and go to Galaxy, etc., that are begining to sound very atractive as of today.


You tell me what is next and I will lsten, but I do not want to pay $34.99 just to throw my money away.  I will be willing to wait till May to finish my contract and move on to the competition if need be, I will not be bullied by a giant company that refuses to give me a tel. number to simply cnacel a subscriptin without wasting so much of my preciious times..



iPhone 4S, see above on cancellaton of subscri