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Tried to move music from one pc to another by following these instructions http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1329 but my ipod wouldn't contain all music so I gave up. I deleted the music on the device. Now I have all music in Itunes library but non in the music folder of the device (my ipod). How do I get music to be moved to this folder.



iPod nano, Windows XP
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    Is the music on the new computer?  If not, follow the instructions in the article you linked to for other methods of moving the content.


    Once it's on the new computer, connect the device, select the media desired to sync to the device and sync.

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    Thanks for reply.


    The music is back on my old pc as I do not have enough space to transfer it. It is in my library (the items i want are checed) but how do i get it onto my device?

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    Could you not use your iPod as suggested in the article but do it in several steps. ie Drag some of your music on their. Drag it on to the new computer. Delete that off the ipod and get another batch and transfer it?

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    Thanks for your help but I'm in a rush at the moment. About to leave to go back to uni. My main music is on my home pc and not on my laptop and I don't have time to transfer it now. Items are in my Itunes music folder but not in my devices folder. How do I get them in my devices folder.

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    You really should transfer your music over to your laptop as I assume you are going to take it to University and sync your ipod from it.


    Try connecting the computers by wifi and copying your itunes foler over. Or Connect via an etherent network cable ( about 3 times faste than wifi) and connect your itunes folder over.



    Here are the details. Just think of your laptop as an external hard drive for your computer