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I am trying to start up a new project in imovie 09.

But cant seem to get rid of the old project....


The "Add to project" button is greyed out

It won't let me drag and drop video clips into the project

There is no "Import file" in the menus


This is the thrid time I try to get my head around this very strange app.


I have been using Logic Pro profesionally for over 15 years, and had hoped that would help me understand imovie better.

That doesnt seem to be the case....


It would appreciate any constructive help !

iMovie '08, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    First, click on the Project Library button to go to the Project Library view. From this view, you should be able to start a new project.

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    Thanks a lot for you help AppleMan1958


    I've got something that looks a bit like a timeline here, which is promising, and I've managed to create a new event and save the project, although I'm still not sure what the difference is between the two....


    I read online that Apple for some strange reasson chose to get rid of the timeline on imove 08-09-10 and then reintroduced it again in 11.

    Is there something similar to a timeline I can use instead in imove 09 ?

    I am editing music and video and would like to sync them up and then be able to edit them both at the same time, but also seperately...


    Also. Do you know if there is a "nudge" function in imove 09 ?

    I.E. a function where you can move a clip (with or whitout music) frame by frame ?


    Sorry for the amount of questions.

    Can you reccomend a good tutorial video or read ?

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    Some of the very best Tutorials are for iMovie 08. I recommend you start there.

    Especially watch the one on Creating a Movie and the one on working with Audio.



    Then here are Tutorials for iMovie 09 which has a lot more features than iMovie 08, but the same architecture.



    It is important to understand Projects and Events.


    An Event contains your raw clips, unedited. An Event can be used in one or more projects. Using a clip in a project does not copy the clip. The clip exists only in the Event. The project uses the event clip by using the path to the event clip.


    A Project contains your edits for creating a movie. In the iMovie interface, your edits are displayed in real time, but in reality, A Project is a list of your edits. There are no physical video clips in project. The project will have instructions like "Get clip A in event y which is on disk 2 and start at frame 43 and continue to frame 156". "Add a Title with the following text to frame 50 and continue for 10 seconds", etc.


    When you want to show your movie to the outside world, you use the SHARE menu. This will take the project and the event and execute all the instructions in the project to create a finished movie. (This is called rendering).


    On your question about the nudge, you can move or trim by dragging with your mouse. You can move the Thumbnail Slider to 1/2 second per thumbnail to make it easier to drag one frame at a time.


    If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts rather than the mouse, here is a list of Keyboard Shortcuts for iMovie11. I think most of them apply to iMovie 09 as well.


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    Thanks a lot AppleMan


    That was really helpful info. (A lot more help and a lot easier to understand than what I could find from Apples end actually...)


    I will get onto it.


    I really appreciate it !!

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    Can I ask you about another couple of things please ?


    I am understanding more and more of this (very strange) program/app.


    There's a couple of things however I can't seem to figure out:



    Imagine I have done one version/project I am happy with, and I now want to make an alternativ version.


    How do I save the one I've just done under one name (for instance called "Edit 1")

    and then make/save a new version/project (called for instance "Edit 2") without having to do everything all again ?




    As it seems all the clip tools are greyed out when I work in the Project mode (as opposed to working in the event mode), how do I make an edit in the midle or start of a Project where I've already done for instance the ending ?

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    Go to the Project Library View. Select your project. Click FILE/DUPLICATE PROJECT. (I think Righ-click owuld work, too.)

    Give the duplicate a name - like Edit 2.



    You can always drag new clips anywhere in the project.


    If you want to edit a clip, either select the whole clip or select the portion of the clip you want (by dragging). Then right-click and you can delete the selection, trim to the selection and see many other options.

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    One more thing. Go to iMovie/Preferences and make sure that the Advanced Tools are turned on.

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    Q1: Thanks for the tip !!!



    The Advanced tool section was turned on. But for some reason I sometimes have to keep holding the keycommand down for 2-3 seconds for my macbook pro to actually repond....maybe it's a ram issue.


    I want to make a gap in the middle of a section, without the sections (now) two parts moving in time.... as I am editing a music video.

    When I do it now I am loosing my sync points on each side of the gap when I put the new clip in.


    Is there a way around this ?

    My ending consists of quite a few clips I would have to adjust if this is not possible.


    Q3: When I put a transition in between two nicely tweeked clips it seems to ad some extra space instead of just crossfading the two. Is there a way around this ?

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    Drag the new clip to the frame where you want it to start and choose Cutaway.

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    Thanks a lot for all you help.


    I really appreciate it !!!

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    I just saw your Question 3. This may help.


    Be sure to read the third link on how transitions overlap with other clips.