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I have a 15in lampshade iMac desktop. It bricked itself and won't go past the gray screen. Long story short, I need a copy of OSX 10.4. I just want to reinstall the entire OS. How do I either buy it from Apple, since everyone tells me its obsolete (obviously?) and they don't support it - the Geniouses tell me to order it online and I cannot find any place to do that. Help? (And please don't tell me to upgrade... I already have several other computers. I just want this thing as more than a fancy paperweight on a desk).

Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Apple doesn't sell Tiger anymore, but you can buy Tiger, for example, on Amazon > =UTF8&qid=1358547508&sr=8-2&keywords=Mac+OS+X+tiger Also, it's very cheap to buy compared to the price when Mac OS X Tiger was released

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    "It bricked itself and won't go past the gray screen."


    Are you certain that the hard drive doesn't have an electronic and/or mechanical problem?  Has the internal battery on the motherboard ever been replaced?  A very weak or dead one can cause startup problems.


    As for the Tiger installer disk, buy the retail/universal installer disk (black with a large "X" across the face of it) and not one of the gray model-specific Restore disks.  You can also check eBay.  Note that the installer disk listed on that Amazon link is an upgrade disk, requiring OS 10.3 as a prerequisite.

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    eBay. As Jeff said you want a black disc not a grey disc.

    The HDD could be the problem, as could the RAM, internal battery, logic board etc. I would try testing the HDD by an OS X install or by doing a Disk Utility test from the DVD.

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    If you own another Mac with a firewire port, you could boot the flatpanel in target disk mode, and see if you can run some diagnostics on it's hard drive.

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    Thanks for the clarification on which OS disk to get - I had completely forgotten about differentiation! In the last ten years, I have managed to misplace everything related to the machine except for the actual computer and its peripherals. Your guys help is appreciated, I didn't really expect such helpful responses.


    It's been several months since this problem occured so forgive me for my lack of specificity- I'll have to run through it all again and see if my problem matches anything posted already on this community. After it happened I just set the machine aside for a while, since it's extraneous. Had the idea to use it for a NAS setup on the home network, but will need to get it running first. Plus since its so old, everything will need to be Firewire, since USB 1 is pretty slow for reading large movie files (5-10gigs), music files (flac), etc.


    Just wanted to check in and say thanks for your help so far!

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    Actually... I just called Apple support this past week at 800-767-2775 and explained I had just received an iMac g5 as a gift- but did not have the original installation discs... (all true by the way).  They are sending me a copy of 10.4 and 10.5 for $17 each including shipping (~$16 for the discs, ~1 shipping).


    My machine is not under warranty, but they were still able to look up the supported software by my serial number and send me the software required.


    The cheapest I found the OS for on ebay was about $100, so this was well worth the call.

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    Hello, wondering if Apple sends you Retail copies, or the gray machine specific ones!?

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    Initially I was thinking it would be the grey system specfic disks.. but what came instead was disk 1 of the full version. 


    See the attached screen shot.


    The MAC OSX tiger Part number appears to be



    I'm currently installing the 10.5 Leopard so can't give you the part number for that- but its got the same type of notes on it.


    I called them Thursday morning and it came by fedx on Monday (SC to MN).


    I see you posted to a simlar response re. these disks.. so it appears based on that post (4/17/12)


    "2Z691-5811-A is the Install Disk for PPC Macs, G3, G4, and most G5s... 10.4.6"


    That this is the full version... but just the install disk. 


    I attached a pic of the tiger disk.


    tiger disk.JPG

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    Comment withdrawn.


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    Thanks... amazing!

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    I am stumped on this. I have called almost every number on Apple's site and they say there is NO way to get what you are saying you have been able to buy from them. I'm by no means calling you out, just either there is no way to get it or you are a god among men.

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    It appears to depend on the country you are in, which product you have and the way the stars are aligned if you get the CDs or not.

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    Just asking you did try the number I gave above (800-767-2775)?  I found that on another forum I think for someone looking for replacement System discs.


    When the person from Apple answered - I had to give him the serial number from the PC- to which he replied it was out of warranty.. but what was it I was calling for?  I explained I had the system- but no disc to load the OS and I read on the web Apple would send me a copy.  He asked what version I wanted- and I *THOUGHT* I needed 10.4 Tiger.  So he repeated, "I understand you to be asking you want to purchase a copy of OSX 10.4 Tiger correct?'  I confirmed and so he looked it up and said he could send me the copy above for $16 and ~$1 shipping. 


    Then I asked what would it take to get Leopard.. he just repeated, 'You would like to purchase a copy of OSX 10.5 Leopard, Correct?"  (Something like that anyway) - and I confirmed- he looked it up and said he could send me that as well for $16 and ~$1 shipping.   Whole thing took about 20 minutes on the phone with them.


    Hopefully you are able to get ahold of someone as helpful as the person I reached... wish I knew what else to tell ya.  I should have written down my support person's name... he would be getting a lot of calls I'm sure. 

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