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I tried downloading 4 movies before a trip - 2 were successfully downloaded. The other 2 were not. So once I reached my destination and hooked up with the wifi I attempted to down load again only to be told that I do not have room. So I bought more storage only to see that the movies still will not compltely download. When I returned from my trip I plugged my iPad into my computer thinking, surely this will either get it down loaded or cleaned out of my iPad, but nope they are not showing up as a rental purchase and I still cant get the movies to download they are stuck at "Processing" about about 95% shown on the download bar. Anyone know how to fix this? Because of this problem I cant download any other thing to my iPad and I am getting super frustrated. Oh I did a hard shut down aslo... PLEASE HELP!!

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.2