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I am using Dropbox to collaborate with a friend on music recording. We are using Logic recording software and running Mac OS X systems...


When I begin a new recording project I start by opening a new project file through Logic on my computer...and saving it on my HD as i do work on it...I then do some recording, say acoustic guitar, and then upload the project into Dropbox by clicking on file and selecting 'save a copy as' and uploading it to the collaboration folder in Dropbox. My friend is then able to open the project in his Logic program and view/listen...then when I am ready, I open the project out of Dropbox and successfully record a vocal track. I then click 'save' and Dropbox synchronizes and saves the changes to our collaboration folder. Now, when my friend opens the project through Dropbox he is only able to hear the guitar but not the vocals...the newly added vocal track does display on his arrangement screen in Logic when he opens the file but the vocal track is not audible. Within Logic's arrangement screen there is an 'audio bin,' which lists the audio tracks contained within the project...his audio bin does list the audio file for the vocals. In our Dropbox collaboration folder for this particular file there is a list of approx. 3 folders...one is 'file backups,' one is the arrangement screen for Logic, and the other is 'audio files'...the audio files folder lists the audio files contained within the project. By clicking on a specific audio file you can play the audio using a player default such as iTunes...even among the list of audio files in this folder, my friend can hear and listen to the recorded vocal track at question...he cannot hear them through Logic's arrangement screen though...


There are ways to manipulate this issue with the vocal track on Logic's arrangement such as adding the audio file to the audio bin from another folder and placing it in the arrangement...or, creating a new project in Logic and dragging and dropping from the problem project to the new project arrangement...both methods work as I have done this in the past with other projects with similar problems on his end...on my end everything seems fine with all files up to date and audible...at this point I am trying to figure out what is causing this problem in the first place...

IiMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Hi 9pea,


    Is the entire project folder inside dropbox? If so, I would selecting from the menu bar File -> Project -> Consolidate. I reccommened just copying over everything just to test it. You can delete the extra scrap files (that are not in the consolidated file) after the fact.


    If not, move the project folder, and not just Project file (Plus other added files) to the project and repeat the above step.

    Let me know if it doesn't work.