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Hello community,


I have recently recieved a 4th Gen iTouch for my birthday. Eager to music on my iTouch, I connect it to my computer. Upon doing so, I recieve a message that iTunes needs to be updated (now 11.0). I remember with my previous iTouch that I often experienced difficulties syncing apps, music, etc. with an outdated iTunes and thus, I perceeded to update iTunes.


My iTunes doesn't recognize my iTouch as a device. I soon realized that it was an unfinished/corrupt driver installation on my computer's part. Quickly allowing my laptop to correct the problem, my laptop reognizes the iTouch as a device. Itunes on the other hand, still doesn't. Reading many, many troubleshooting via this forum as well as others, I've tried many solutions and still haven't found one that works. I have, for instance, tried different cables and found this solution to be helpful in the past, but in this instance it hasn't helped. Trying to downgrade to 10.7 didn't work either. All this did was cause more problems. I have tried starting a new iTunes library (holding shift + opening iTunes). This didn't help either. Perhaps I will have to go to add/remove to uninstall my Apple Device Manager. Before doing so, I'd like to hear the communities inputs.


Additionally, I went to try my iTouch on my girlfriend's computer. Within seconds, it was recognized by her laptop as well as iTunes. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I registered my iTouch, set up my iTouch with my Apple ID, etc. Hoping this would help with the problem, I went home to be disappointed once again.


Computer OS - Windows 7


Device - 4th Gen iTouch (16gb)

Version - 6.0.1


Thank you for your help. It's always greatly appreciated!

iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1