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Hello. I've just put a 750Gb WD Scorpio Black in my MBP running Mountain Lion. I used Carbon Copy Cloner and successfully migrated my system. I then tried to use Bootcamp Assistant to create my Windows partition but I'm away from home for the next 6 weeks and don't have my Win7 disk here and it wouldn't let me create the Bootcamp partition without it. So I used Disk Utility to create a partition, called it Bootcamp and then used Winclone to migrate my old setup image. This has all worked fine except when I use Startup Disk to try to select Windows it doesn't see the Bootcamp partition and Parallels doesn't find it either. It's not really a big problem as I can just reboot/option and select it there but I just wondered if anyone knew if there's an easy fix with a Terminal command, or will I have to start from scratch using Win7 disk and BC assistant to properly make the BC partition when I get home? I don't want to risk the integrity of my Osx setup as I rarely use Windows anyway but I have already tried resizing the windows partition with Camptune to see what would happen but no joy there. Also tried repair with disk utility but again nothing. With Winclone I have tried both leaving BCD alone and then the replace  BCD option after the first didn't work. I'm no wizard with Terminal but I do venture in there occaisionally when the need arises and with clear instructions. Any help greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)