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My iTunes on my computer starting popping up with a message saying it couldn't read the information from my iPhone. It gave me instructions to restore it. It was insistently popping up and I hit my restore without really thinking that my last backup was way back at the beginning of December. After restoring it I started getting the pop up window to put in the password for my apple account. But it is the old login I had. I dealt with a similar issue when I first got my new phone and dealt with the issue of resetting my apple ID- I'm pretty sure I actually went in and changed my old apple ID to one with an email I actually use.


In the reset I lost pictures and video by a accident but I had my phone set to sync my stuff to cloud ( something I'm new at so I'm not sure about the the technical side of it). I thought I could login to cloud and find the stuff I lost but in the iCloud screen in Settings it keeps asking for my old apple ID password. The strange thing is that it says I'm logged into the new cloud ID that I had. I went onto the iTunes Store on my phone and that also says the new ID is logged on. On my computer on iTunes I also have my new ID logged on


So far the only time this pops up is when I open iCloud settings- why would that be? My old Apple ID has nothing to do with the Cloud acount I made. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?



iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1