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I'm having problems restoring a new replacement iPhone 4 (same number/account) from my laptop with old iPhone 4 information;  the new iPhone 4 isn't recognized as my device when logged into iTunes. 


The old iPhone 4 was backed up via iCloud and then via my laptop with a USB (running on brand-new Windows 8, which as a side note, I wouldn't recommend).  The laptop had functionality issues and required  "refreshing" during the time I didn't have my iPhone;  during the PC restoration, some "apps" were automatically removed, including iTunes.  I restored iTunes, logged in with my Apple ID and was only able to access music (no APPs).


Later, I plugged in my new iPhone 4 (running on iOS6.0.1) to my PC with a USB but didn't log into iCloud either on the PC or iPhone.   iTunes wouldn't sync to the iPhone and recognized my iPhone as new;  the "device" options from iTunes were grayed out and not an option to select.  So I unplugged my iPhone from the PC. 


Next, I logged into iCloud on the PC;  my contacts and notes were there but not any APPs or text messages.  Then, on the iPhone, I turned on iCloud for everything but mail - can't see APPs or text messages.


I need to restore information which was on the old iPhone to the new iPhone with everything, including my text messages and app's.  Am I doing something incorrectly? Or is this not possible?





iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    Text messages and apps are not synced with iCloud.  Your messages are included in the backup and can be restored to your phone by restoring to the backup.  Your apps should be in your iTunes library and can be synced back to your phone.  Or, in the case of an iCloud backup, when you restore to the backup your apps will be redownloaded to your phone from the App store, assuming they are still available.


    To restore to an iCloud backup after a phone has been set up, you have to go to Settings>General>Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings, go back through the setup screens again and when given the option choose Restore from iCloud Backup.  To restore from your iTunes backup, right-click on the name of your phone on the left side of iTunes (if using iTunes 11 first go to View>Show Sidebar) and choose Restore from Backup.