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Are there Apple server monitor tools that I can use on OS 10.8 to monitor my OS 10.5 server?

I used to have tools on my 10.6 machine, but now I upgraded to 10.8 and can't find the tools anywhere.


Please help.



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    Screenshare from the 10.8 server to the 10.5 server.


    Make sure Remote Management / Screen Sharing is enabled on 10.5

    From 10.8, choose 'Go to server' in Finde/Go menu and type

         vnc://   (whatever IP address of your server is)


    If you are managing from outside the 10.5 server's LAN, be sure to open/map port 5900 in your router.

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    Unfortunitely the only way I've found to do it is to do like UptimeJeff suggested and use VNC or SSH (command-line).


    I have the original server administration tools disc for Leopard Server, but they do not install in 10.8.

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    i got a way to open the Server Monitor App on 10.8.4


    take the version from Server Admin Tool 10.7.5


    then open the app with ctrl-klick > watch package content > go to the folder MacOS


    here is the main application drag & drop this on the terminal or symply doubleklick


    now make an alias to your desktop


    it really works :-) i don't know why apple this has discontinued


    hope this help all xserve users





    i don't check with a 10.5 server, but it works from a 10.8 to a 10.7.5 server

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    Thank you skynet3020!

    With your workaround I'm able to control the Lights Out Management of my 10.5.8 xserves again.


    You really saved my weekend!

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    okay that's great that mean it run with 10.5.8 too