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Hello, I've read many of the posts stating that you can't make a BC partition without your Windows disk but that's just what I've done. I can boot into it with no issues from holding the option key at startup and selecting it, or when in Recovery Disk it shows up in the startup disk options and I can boot straight into it. My only issue is when in Mountain Lion, the BC partition shows up okay on my desktop but the Startup Disk app doesn't see it and nor does Parallells. It's not a big issue but I'm away from my Win7 disk for a few weeks and thought there may be a Terminal command to fix it. I stupidly thought this might be an Osx issue and so posted in that forum but got swiftly told off and sent here. Lol. I used Carbon Copy Cloner and the latest Winclone to transfer my setup to a new, larger disk. I tried both BCD options when copying the Winclone image and have tried a Disk Utility repair and also a small resize of the new Windows partition with Camptune but none of that has worked. As I said, it's not a big problem as I can boot into it anyway but it would be good to have it right and I wondered if anyone had any advice. Thanks.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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That'll be a no then? Lol