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iphoto keeps trying to reimport the same photos from my iphone to my computer. right now it's trying to import 68 photos. If i click "don't import" and select the box "apply to all duplicates" it imports them anyway. i have up to 10 copies of some photos. also, iphoto sometimes reimports an entire set of photos (hundreds at a time) without asking if i want the duplicates imported. this is driving me insane.


i have seen others write about similar problems, and the fix was "Go to your Pictures Folder and find the iPhoto Library there. Right (or Control-) Click on the icon and select 'Show Package Contents'. A finder window will open with the Library exposed.Look there for a Folder called 'Import' or 'Importing'. Drag it to the Desktop. *Make no other changes*."


I tried this. Unfortunately, i don't have a Folder called 'Import' or 'Importing'. Just one called Auto Import, which was empty.


i have a MBA, OS 10.6.8 and iPhoto 11 (though the problem existed with earlier versions of iPhoto too)


Please help before i have a cow.

iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8)