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This might be a very simple question, but so far I've been unable to figure out how to make text touchable in a way that facilitates actions. For example, you can quite easily make a picture so that when you touch it a pop up shows text, an audio file plays, a movie starts, etc. It real easy. All these widgets seem super intuitive, just touch the thing and you're off to the races. My problem is this: I want the text to be the thing that causes audio to play, or a pop up to show, or whatever. I want my text to be touchable and link to audio, other text, etc. In a perfect world you'd be reading my book and if you touched a sentence I could have a pop up showing what the sentence is in German, or if you touch another sentence audio plays explaining what the sentence means in German.


Sorry if this has gotten convoluted. My question is simply how do I make text clickable and have pop up windows / audio files happen after the click. It seems like a huge oversight to make this so easy for an image but not for a portion of text.


Please help, I'll love you forever!