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My old computer crashed, and I have most of my music on my ipod, that has been purchased, and downloaded music from my CD's. I also have music in my old Library on ITunes. How do I recover all of them, and transfer my music on my IPod, to my new Library.

iPod classic, Windows XP
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    Lucky for you, I just found out how to get the music stored on your iPod by messing around with it. I'm not much of an Apple user (I only have a shuffle), so I'm not 100% sure it would work the same way as yours.. but it's worth a shot.


    if your iTunes didn't sync with your iPod yet,... that would be great..


    1, Make sure your iTunes does not automatically sync with your iPod (I don't know if this would help..)

    2, Click on your iPod and go to settings, check "Enabe Disk Use"

    Your iPod should now have a partition on My Computer called AFJCHAW's IPOD or whatever you named your iPod... If you go to that disk, you'll notice there's nothing in there.

    3, Click on Organize at the top right part of Windows Explorer(Windows 7, don't know how in XP..), go th the Folder and search options, view tab, and click on show hidden files, folders, and drives.

    If you go back to your disk, you should be able to find a folder

    4, It'll be pretty straightforward then. Go to iPod_Control/Music. You'll find folders there. Inside the folders are each of your music files (they're renamed but the Details would still be about the same).


    If you did get your music files back from this procedure, then, yay! it worked!!

    If you didn't,.... it should've worked..