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Diamond T Ranch Level 1 Level 1

My current laptop that I sync my iPod classis, ipad 3 and my iPhone 4S crashed and I had to get a new laptop. What do I need to do to use my devices with my new computer?

  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7

    You don't have to buy a whole new laptop just because it 'crashed' - the operating system could be re-installed or the hard drive replaced by someone who knows what they are doing, saving you money and avoiding throwing away a perfectly good computer.


    Did you have a backup of the data on your old laptop, including the iTunes Library you sync your devices with? If so, you'll need to restore this backup to your new laptop to continue syncing.

  • Diamond T Ranch Level 1 Level 1

    No I don't have a backup of the itunes library and the laptop was eight years old.

  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7

    Without a backup your task to re-create your iTunes Library on your new laptop is going to be considerably harder and more time consuming.


    See this post for some links to software that will help you transfer data from your devices back into iTunes on your new computer:




    I'd suggest you buy yourself an external USB hard drive and some good backup software and start making regular backups of all the important data on your new laptop, to protect you against such issues in the future.