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maybe someone has a tip:


I have imported some very important Jpegs from a Nikon D90 to Iphoto. Then right click and edit in external photo editor (Photoshop). After finsihed editing, hit the save button. Closed the photo in Photoshop, and returned to Iphoto, where the new enhanced image show up.


Up to here "everthing normal".


Now, opening a day later Iphoto, I can see the thumbnails of the event (as usual) , BUT when clicking on them, a heavy reduced file size picture shows up for a second, followed by a heavy zoomed in part of the Image. First I thought, okay, at least the high resolution image is still there, and I only have to zoom back with the slider to get it to normal view - but this is not possible. It stays this size.


To save the pictures, I used the function "show edited Picture"in FInder, and so I started Copying them to a separate Folder, in fear i might loose them.


So, pictures are saved, but library is somehow not working right. I also used the "create new thumbnails" function when starting Iphoto with command/alt. But it did not improve anything.


Any idea how to fix it?




Macbook Pro, none
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