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    I backed up before making this change and it worked like a charm!  Thank you for the suggestion.  It has made my iPhoto function much more efficiently.  Thanks again!

  • thebestportraits Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you lopezio, for your direct answer; I did it and it worked perfectly!

    Thanks also for improving our lives and liberating us from all this bs running around as excuses for "doing the right thing".

    I wanted to get ride of this annoying face recognition, I didn't want or have to justify why, and you really helped.

  • sutherngintelmen Level 1 (0 points)

    Lopezio - Thank you so so so much!!!!


    Faces has been a super agrrivating 'feature' since introduced - now turned off!!

  • bienne Level 1 (0 points)

    Aperture? ?  That's an 80 dollars to impede a feature that shouldn't be a default feature (face recognition). !

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,910 points)

    Perhaps you should read the whole thread before complaining.

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    Nobody likes your "matter of fact" attitude.

    People come on here searching for a solution to get rid of the annoying face recognition and instead of contributing in a positive manner, you belittle with subtle sarcastic comments.

    It is absurd to tell people on here to either deal with it or upgrade to Aperature. They put a man on the moon in the 60's, I guarantee you there is a workaround for this.  Lopezio's fix seems to be the answer.  Thank you!

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,910 points)

    Midnight Flyer


    Nobody likes your pointless out-of-date posts. The responses I gave in this thread date from... 18 months ago. They were true then. Those were the options at that time. Or don't you read the dates? Or check the many other threads where I have answered this query in the months since? No? Why not?

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    What you typed 18 months ago helped nobody then and it's helping nobody now.   Please post more like Lopezio instead of just telling people "pay more and get more options".   Most people, including myself, are first time users and will probably never log on here again until another issue crops up.  It's frustrating having to weed through posts like yours to find an actual solution to a problem.

    I'm sure there's not a single thread in this community without you popping up in it.   Why not try contributing on a technical level instead of insulting everyone's intelligence with sarcastic remarks. 

    Have a nice day.

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,910 points)

    Amusing. You complain about having to "weed through" posts like mine and suggest I try contributing on a technical level, and yet your two posts add exactly zero to the sum of knowledge here. What I typed 18 months ago was the answer at the time. It might not have been the answer hoped for, but it was the answer. And yes, I post a lot on this forum. You may notice that right now I have some 123,000 reputation points. That means that some 12,300+ people at least have take the time to acknowledge my assistance so I'm strangely comfortable with my role here. But you didn't answer my question: how come you haven't commented  on all the other threads, the more recent ones? So, again, what was your point? What were you hoping to achieve?

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    honestly don't have time to waste fidgeting to find features that don't exist. 

    I just think that by default it should not search for face recognition in my photos, out of principle.


    I compliment you on your success with reputation (points) .

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    I just think that by default it should not search for face recognition in my photos, out of principle.

    Then tell the developers at Apple via


    TD has posted a way to turn off Faces in iPhoto on the previous page.  So why don't you use it.  It's free.


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    Sir, I don't know who you are, or how you knew how to turn off faces in iPhoto, but I salute you.

    I typed in what you instructed (and I've never even opened that terminal thing before), and it worked the very first time.

    You have saved me from this plague.  I'm a teacher, and I take class photos all the time.

    You have no idea how many faces were being "faced" by iphoto for every picture I had taken.  Minimum 30 kids in each shot.

    I repeat, you have saved me, and I am forever indebted to you.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Ziatron Level 4 (3,830 points)

    Start of solution:


    I did some digging in the prefs of iPhoto and found out the following. This is how you can disable (turn off) Face detection, without deleting faces found so far (just in case you want to restart processing at another time):


    1. Quit iPhoto

    2. Open Terminal Application (Applications/Utilities/

    3. Type the following (exactly as is):


    defaults write PKFaceDetectionEnabled 0


    (then return)


    4. - Start iPhoto - Faces stops getting on your nerves...


    If you ever need to re-enable faces, just do the same again and replace the 0 with 1.






    <Edited By Host>


    WOW, 16 "Likes" to your post!   Thank you for fixing that giant bug in iPhoto.


    Now if you can just figure out how to put Keywords underneath each image as the earlier (better) versions of iPhoto did.

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    The Terminal command posted previously didn't work for me, unfortunately.

    But I figured out another simple solution, that doesn't actually turn off Faces,

    but that does stop the annoying "Unnamed" bubbles from popping up all over your photos - which is all I needed:


    1. Close iPhoto, then right-Click "iPhoto" app icon and "Show Package Contents"


    2. Browse to "Contents/Resources" and look for the following files:











    (The "face-tag" files are the individual parts that make up the annoying "Unnamed" Tags/Bubbles which are overlayed on your pics.)


    3. Make a Backup copy of these files in case anything goes wrong:

    Hold "Alt" while dragging the files to a new folder on your Desktop (Call it "Original Files" or similar...).


    4. Duplicate the folder you just created and name it "Modified Files"


    5. In "Modified Files", open each of the TIFF files individually in the "Preview" App (Strangely, Photoshop didn't work for me)


    6. In Preview, for each file:

    - Select all (CMD-A)

    - Press "Delete" to delete the graphics

    - Save (CMD-S)


    7. Copy the modified files back into the iPhoto "Contents/Resources" folder where they came from.

    You wil be asked to enter your Admin-Password for this.


    8. Open iPhoto,then open any Photo with a face (or a group photo) and  see it in it's full glory, without Face-Tags overlayed on the pic.

    (If anything went wrong, just close iPhoto and copy the files from your "Original Files" folder back into Contents/Resources.)


    Basically iPhoto still continues to do what it did before, but as all the "Face-Tag" graphics are empty now, you won't see any of it.

    I've been annoyed by this for over a year (especially when looking at a group or party photo) and just signed up here to post this, so I hope this helps others as well!

    (No guarantee if anything goes wrong!!)

  • léonie Level 10 (90,689 points)

    That is a rather drastic measure to disable the face-name overlay.

    I'd like to add a caution to make a backup copy of the iPhoto application, before anybody tries to do the same. It is so easy to accidentally corrupt an application when modifying the application bundle.


    You will have to do this edit over and over again, when you reinstall or update iPhoto.

    An easier workaround to see the photos without faces-bubbles overlay, is to click the "Edit" button and browse the photos in "Edit" mode. Use the arrow keys to step the photos. No bubbles are shown in this mode.