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Having some trouble connecting to a wifi network. I'm staying at a hotel and for the past week I've had no trouble connecting to the wifi here. Suddenly, yesterday, I can't detect the network at all on my MBP but my iPhone and iPad have no problem. I need to get some work done so I need to sort this out. Most of the comments I've read on the forum involve people who have problems connecting to their home router but I haven't found anything yet pertaining to if you can't access the router. I know the router is working fine because my iPad and iPhone can connect so it must be something on my MBP. Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Um, so exactly what is happening and what are you seeing on the Mac?


    I know it works on the other devices but have you followed any specific hotel directions for computers to access?


    Is it possible that after you connect you must hit a webpage in order to agree to terms of service before you are let onto the hotel's wifi?


    There's a lot left open here.

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    Sorry. In my head I thought I had explained it well enough but looking back I guess it's a little fuzzy.


    Ok, so I've been here a week. To log in to the hotel network you just need to select the network and type in a WPA2 password. I was doing totally fine the first week but suddenly, when I try and find the network on my list of available networks it's not there. I see two or three other networks but not the hotel one. I tried join other network and typing it in manually but it still can't find it. My iPad and iTouch, on the other hand, have no trouble locating and connecting to it which is why I suspect it has something to do with my MBP.

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    Aaaaaaand, mysteriously, I have a connection again. Makes no sense...