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iMac 27" desktop with Lion OS.


I hooked up a second monitor (24") and want to use it in portrait mode. It works fine in landscape mode.



Is there a way to configure the current video driver or do I need an updated version of the driver for the AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB GDDR5 ?


Where is the updated driver if I need it, please?



iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), iOS 6.0.2, video driver AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2G
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    This is not a reply. I just want to add that the secondary monitor is a


    Dell monitor:  2407WFP

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    Finally discovered how to do this.  Here is how to use a second monitor in portrait mode:


    Open System Preferences from your iMac dock.

    Click Displays - Click Arrangement - Click Gather Windows - the secondary monitor dialog box opens.


    Click Rotation - Click 90 degrees rotation for PORTRAIT MODE.

    Click CONFIRM on the secondary monitor to keep Portrait mode.

    Select the desired resolution. I chose 1200 x 1920.

    You'll see a dialog box that says, "About to change the display mode."

    Click OKAY.

    Click Confirm. (If it appears. For some resolutions, I did not have to click confirm, most likely because the monitor supports those resolutions.) 

    Then resize the windows of the software you're using.


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    I don't know how to delete this post because the subject needs to be updated, but I saw elsewhere to repost it.


    Forum moderators, you can delete this one if you want to, or tell me how.



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    You've marked it as 'solved', so leave it for others who may need the information 

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    OKay, thank you. I didn't want to be thrown off the board for a duplicate post.