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My aperture program is not allowing me much space in my library. I continue to have to delete all my projects in aperture for space. I had a wedding of about 1000+ images to download. Aperture would not let me. I deleted everything after saving it to an external and still could not download all the images. I got about 750 images into aperture but then It would let me download any more. Now I keep getting popups saying "Insufficient Disk Space- There is not enough free space on your aperture Library Volume". Also a popups saying "Your startup disk is almost full" and "Aperture has detected inconsistencies in your library". I downloaded aperture from a friend who had purchased it. will aperture not work properly because it isn't licensed to me? What do i need to do to have proper space in my aperture library and for aperture to just work for me like it should??

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)