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Just completed a successful download of 23 photos into Photostream. I wanted to place them into an album, so created a new album. I noted one photo popped into it so went into PhotoStream to retrieve the others and they had disappeared! Of course, I deleted them off the camera! It said it was a successful download ... grrrrrrr


Where does one go to retrieve their photos from PhotoStream?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Sorry but your post does not compute


    PhotoStream is not supported with the version of OS X you say you have (10.7.2)


    Mac with OS X Lion v10.7.5 or later and iPhoto 9.2.2 or Aperture 3.2.3 or later


    What version of the OS do you actually have? What version of iPhoto do you have?


    How did you put photos into the PS (you can not "download" photos to a photo stream)



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    Hello, Larry,


    I shall answer your technical questions:


    OSX Mountain Lion

    iPhoto '11


    However, since the posting have discovered that the actual PhotoStream download takes a long time and what I was seeing at the time I made the posting was the pre-screen not the actual downloaded screen which is just doing so as I type.


    I am still relatively knew to PhotoStream especially the length of time it takes to complete its download.


    In my panic that I thought I lost all my photos, I contacted the forum.


    Appreciate your taking time to contact me, but will get it in my brain that downloads into PhotoStream is a very long activity. Always a learning curve with all this new technology especially when you are far beyond the trendy set.


    Upon signing off, I see the photos downloading on both my iMac and MacBook. I am at peace!


    Have a good day!

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    If this is the first PS sync you're experiencing and you have a lot of photos they it would take a while.  Once this is completed you should experience a faster sync each time you take pictures.


    If you want the PS photos to be automatically imported into your iPhoto library be sure to set the iPhoto/Photo Stream preferences to do so:




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    Hello, Old Toad,


    It will teach me to multi-task while downloading photos in iPhoto. It's still a learning experience for me to do so and I will now make a NOTE in my files that it takes almost 2 hours according to the number of photos on the camera, which were onl y 23. As I type 8 more have yet to download.


    I do have the Preferences for Photostream in place. Except the 'shared' section for which I do not have engaged, ot intend to.


    Thanks, for your reply and most helpful information. Next time I download my photos, I shall get it straight into my head it takes hours for them to do so in the PhotoStream modaltiy.


    Have a good dday.

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    Downloading, i.e. syncing,  23 photos in Photo Stream shouldn't take more a few minutes depending on your internet connection.  I thought you might have had upwards to the upper limit, i.e. 1,000.

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    It can be extremely variable depending on many things - I've seen it fase and I've seen it very slow

    Apple says


    When do photos upload to My Photo Stream?

    When you enable My Photo Stream on your devices, all new photos you take or import to those devices will be automatically added to your photo stream.

    On an iOS device, new photos you take will be automatically uploaded to your photo stream when you leave the Camera app and are connected to Wi-Fi. Note: My Photo Stream does not push photos over cellular connections.

    On your Mac, any new photos you import to iPhoto or Aperture will begin uploading automatically when you have a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Or, you can change your iPhoto or Aperture preferences so that only photos you manually add to My Photo Stream are uploaded.

    On a PC with iCloud Control Panel 2.0 or later, open a Windows Explorer window. Select Photo Stream under Favorites. Open My Photo Stream. Click the "Add photos" button. Select photos to import to My Photo Stream, and then click Open.

    And of course once they are uploaded you need to wait for them to download - depends on where you are, internet speed and iCloud load - plus who knows what else