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Facts: I have iTunes 11 I am up to date on my os. I have a mid 2010 man mini. It is my media centre. It only runs Netflix and my iTunes library. I subscribe to iTunes Match.


Since the iTunes 11 update my music library has will stall stutter play choppy or generally play music intermittently. It happens randomly ie., beginning middle end of a song and varies in how many times a song will skip. Sometime only at the beginning once or multiple times. I have uninstalled reinstalled iTunes deleted plots files and reset pram. I have run disk permissions and repair disk form the recovery partition. I have not reinstalled the os.


Is this an iTunes Match thing. The music is not in the cloud on this computer. Meaning I have local copies of my music. Does anyone hav any suggestions or is this just a bug?


Pease ask if you need more info. If I missed something.