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i am having two weird issues where my user icon does not show up on a restart because it keeps disappearing after i see it for some time. also, i have moved my home folder from my "os drive" (DRIVE #1) to my "documents drive" (DRIVE #2) and i think i sometimes see the DRIVE 1 listed when i select something on my desktop.


for instance i was experimenting with Graphic Converter today and after selecting a bunch of images from a folder on my desktop it appeared to show that these were located on DRIVE 1 instead of DRIVE 2 where they should be located.


since i am only backing up DRIVE 2 (my data) this is a really important issue for me.


i have a screenshot of the OS drive (drive 1) here and am wondering if there are any other insights on how to test this fully and/or making sure something weird is not going on.


TIA for any help


https://www.dropbox.com/s/s2sqejpygj900b0/Screen%20Shot%202013-01-19%20at%201.10 .51%20PM.png

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Exactly how did you go about moving the Home folder?

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