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Hello I'm new to Apple.  On my digital cameras and even my Android phone I can set the image review time when taking a picture so I can quickly judge the quality of the photo and decide to take another picture or move on.  With my Ipad mini it moves at almost the speed of light.  i snap the image and quickly disappears and I have no clue if the picture is "save" worthy or not unless I touch the lil icon on the corner review the picture and then click done and then go back to taking pictures.  A real pain if you have multiple kids who don't want to pose for pictures anyways.


Is there a way on the Ipad mini to set the camera image review/delay/preview or whatever time they want to call it?  For the Nikon D90 they used a "Monitor OFF" delay and you could adjust from 4-10 seconds.  Heck I would love 4 seconds for Apple this instanenous is absurd.  Custom settings would be ideal anything over .1 seconds would be better than what I have. 


To conclude I want to snap the shutter and have the display show me exactly what the picture looks like for 4-5 seconds before returning to camera mode.  That delay will give the time to say yep it's a good one and my kids can go back to being kids, or I can say nope sorry so & so had their eyes shut etc.  I've never had a camera that doesn't do this either with a preset value or a customizable value.  I'm hoping this isn't the case with Apple products.

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.2
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    There is no way to adjust the setting in the camera app to do what you want to do.


    It is my belief that the primary reason that Apple puts a camera on the iPad is for for using FaceTime. The fact that you can take still photos with the iPad just makes it a bonus feature - again - IMO.


    Frankly, I think that it is absurd to expect a tablet to take the place of a camera - for taking still photos or for shooting videos. The device is too large and unwieldy to be using as one's primary camera anyway - IMO.

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    OK I'll give it to you with the ipad being a big clunky camera, but what about the iphone?  I've taken many pictures for people who hand me their iphone and the same exact thing?  So nobody uses their phone as their primary camera either?  It's a Apple issue, not limited to the ipad, It' not like it would be some serious hardward fix to add this feature, it's a software setting. I don't see it as a bonuse in anyway, my camera on my computer which is for Skype takes a still photo and it gives me a nice little preview so the whole facetime thing doesn't make sense either.  No biggy..


    Thanks for answering my question though saved me tons of time and frustration looking for the setting that doesn't exist.