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How do I send a group email on an iPad

  • pvonk Level 6 (13,722 points)

    You need to buy an app at the app store that lets you email groups, like Group Email.

  • Midlo Level 1 (5 points)

    I found it nearly impossible until I took the time to copy/paste emails from excel or Pages or just imputing with comma in between addresses and putting them in NOTES App with title of group. Then, I just highlight that group's addresses, and place in To: box in mail, or bcc: for confidentiality.

    Hey, it works for me!

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    The app Group email is just for that.  Set up your groups on a Mac and this app lets you access your groups, select the group you want and add an email. That's all there is to it.  Worth the price

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    It takes me less than 10 seconds to set it up my way, if not less. I like the copy/paste. Don't need App. I also don't like them having my stuff.

    Apple may address (no pun intended) this soon.....? Come on Apple!

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    Apple isn't here.


    Please submit your feature request to Apple at this link: http://www.apple.com/feedback

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    I wanted to send to a group as well.  I followed your directions with copy/ paste, wrote a long email and when I attempted to send it, it was filed in drafts.

  • Midlo Level 1 (5 points)

    If you had the copy and pasted it into CC: or Bcc: window, it should have sent it.

    All your doing is adding email addresses.

    Check to see if all addresses have comma after each one, and the addresses are correct without Mail to: attached to them.

    Did you use Notes to write, then copy/paste?