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"My Support Profile" no longer functions properly and therefore I cannot manage my Apple products.  No one at Apple Support seems to know anythng about this or to whom, or where, to turn to get this fixed.


Details of problem:


When I log to My Support profile using my current Apple ID I see, as expeced, my information and my registered Apple products.


However, I CAN NOT access the details of any of my registered products.  When I "click" on a registered product the web page goes nowhere and seems to simply refresh itself ("loading" spinner spins then stops). Therefore I cannot manager my Apple products because I cannot get to the next page that shows the product detail tabs "Coverage Details", "Case Activity", "Repair Activity" and "Support Resources".


This is NOT a computer, browser or user problem because it does not matter what computer or which browser I use (Safari, Firefox, Chrome). Rather, the problem is on Apple's side completely.


By contrast, I can use an old Apple ID to access my old "My Support Profile" using the the same computer(s) and ANY browser and I can access product details normally. But I do not want to use this old account of mine  as the email address is being retired.


Even if I wanted to transfer my registered Apple products to an existing account, or  set up a new one, I cannot do so because, as noted above, I cannot get to the product detail page which is where you have to go to unregister a product in order to to be able to then register it with another account !!!


Cannot get help from Apple:


No one a Apple Support seems to know anything about this or to whom, or where, to turn to get this fixed. Every one is stumped.  There is no place on Apple's web site ANYWHERE to get help with My Support Profile - no way to submit a report, etc.  It is as if Apple figures there will never be a problem with My Support Profile so it is not even a topic.


When I call Apple Support (using the SN of an product under warranty) the call gets escalated until finally the tech rep will say go to "http://www.apple.com/feedback/" and submit a report.  When I follow that process through it always ends up with the options to call support or make arrangements to go to the Apple store to repair the product.  In otherwords, back to the beginning - a vicious circle.


Plea for Help:


If anyone has a recommendation, an Apple Contact email or telephone number, a valid link to submit a report specific to "My Support Profile" problems, or anything that will let me get to somebody or some department that actually knows how to deal with fixing a broken "My Support Profile" account, I would greatly appreciate it.


Yours in frustration.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), My Support Profile broken