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I currently used Boot Camp and installed Windows 7 on my 2010 Mac Mini.  Now when I try to switch OS, it tells me I need to update my EFI boot ROM first.  I then download the software for the Mac and when I launch it, it tells me that the software is not supported for my Mac.  I checked my System Report and it tells me that I have the current EFI firmware installed.  When I select Start up disk in system preferences it tells me that the bless tool is unable to set the current boot disk.


I don't mind using the 'hold option key' when the computer boots up but I was planning on making an automation so my family can use this switch easily

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Here is an Apple list of Intel Mac models with relevant EFI and SMC firmware updates. The article shows you where to identify the status of your machine with respect to these updates. This may resolve your EFI and boot selection issue.


    And here, is a Mac OS X Hints article on how to create an AppleScript to select the boot volume without traveling to System Preferences, or needing to wait on the option-key boot selection. Thought you might appreciate this in case the EFI thing doesn't work out.

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    I tried to install the EFI firmware updates but it tells me my computer doesn't support this software.


    The AppleScript didn't work for me either.  Just kept rebooting into OSX.

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    Same Mac OS X hints link from above.


    Did you look at these later posts?


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