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I am trying to log on to my new (well Second Hand) Iphone 4 with my apple id but when i enter the password it just keeps asking me to type it in again, now i know my password is correct as i managed to log on to here with it, wwhy will the store on this phone not let me log in ?


Many Thanks

iPhone 4
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    Sorry just to make sure my itunes password wouldnt be different to my apple password would it ?, as that is what it is asking for ?

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    I have this problem too. I thought this would be solved when I connected the device to my computer and was asked by itunes if I would like to 'register' this iphone and did so but the problem persists. In other words, the phone keeps asking me to enter my password when i try to 'view account'. However, that same page also offers a button where I can 'sign out'.



    For context,

    I have a iphone 4 running IOS 4.1. Its an unlocked At&t phone.