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i recently purchased the ipod 4, 16G, i used my laptop as its home computer, but when i tried to put some music from my mac(other computer) i couldnt drag songs onto my ipod.With my previous ipod touch 4 i could sync it with multiple computer by going on summary and then checking the box "manually manage music and videos", then i could drag songs from the computer onto my ipod, but its not working this time.


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Reply by lllaass on Jan 19, 2013 11:34 AM Helpful

If you  have iTunes 11 turn on the Sidebar. Go to iTunes>View and click on Show Sidebar. You can also do a Crtl+S to show the sidebar and Control+B to show the Menu bar

To sync to your iPod go to iTunes>Help>iTunes Help>Sync your iPod....>Sync You Device>Set up Syncing>Sync your device manually and follow the instructions.

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