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I had just been in the Verizon store to upgrade my iphone and the woman was very helpful and able to backup my contacts list- I was especially excited to find that all of my old calendar entries, reminders and notes had also been backed up!  She did tell me to go home and plug my new iphone into my computer to restore all of my apps as well. 

After pushing the restore button on my itunes account I managed to lose all of my calendar entries, reminders, and notes!  These were worth more to me than the 6 or 7 apps that I was hoping to restore.  I am still logged in to itunes and icloud at the moment... is it too late to undo a restore?  If not, how would I go about doing that?  I'm having trouble navigating the upgraded iTunes display because it doesnt have as many options or buttons.


Please help!


Thank you.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6