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I've got a number of iMovie projects on my MacBook Air and given the capacity of the SSD I'm looking to move some of the older ones onto an external drive to free up some space.


One of the movie projects is showing the yellow warning triangle for both the music background clip and some of the event clips that I have placed into the movie.  My understanding is that this is indicating that iMovie doesn't know where the associated audio file or movie clip is stored.


When I play the project withing iMovie the music works and the clips with warnings also work, so somewhere there's clearly a link to the correct clips and audio.


How do I remove the yellow warning symbols?  I want to get the movie project to be working fine before I transfer it to the external hard drive.  The last thing I'd want to do is lose something in the process of moving it, so I wanted to fix the yellow warning symbols before I went any further.


Any guidance or advice would be really appreciated.


Many thanks.

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    If you have finalized or shared the movie, there should be a copy of the shared movie in the Project package. That is why it plays correctly even though there is missing media.


    You should be able to hover the cursor over the warning symbol and see the path where iMovie thinks the missing material should be. If you move it back there, it should work.

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    Ah I see, that makes sense, I can see the exported file when I go into the package contents.


    Thanks for the tip of seeing the path, I think I should be able to reconstruct things from that.