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Hello Everyone,

Have a Mac Pro 1,1 and finally upgraded to the ATI HD 5770.  I see a number of people have had issues with it shutting down, not waking after sleeping etc.

I have a problem wth the card over heating and then shutting down the MAC.  After a little investigation, I found that the fan is not turning at startup and also when it starts to over heat.  So, I leave the case open and give it a whirl at startup and when it stalls and starts to overheat and the starts running again.


Apple support is great and they are sending a new one, but I wanted to ask whether anyone has had a similar issue and if a new card fixed the problem.

Concern is that instead of being a bad fan or temp sensor on the card that it could be something related to the power supply from the main board (Mac Pro 1,1 not compatible with ATI HD5770).


Anyone else been through this and if so, did a different card fix it?

Thanks in advance.


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.8), 2.66GHz / Dual XP Boot