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There is a message saying "open iTunes to populate list".  I have done that...no effect.  Also, iPhoto library not available it the photo browser.  I've been using iMovie for years so with very few issues.  Two weeks ago I made a movie using all both iPhoto and iTunes files.  I have not deleted files or moved my iTunes/iPhoto library.  I cannot figure out why the these three iLife apps seem to have lost ability to communicate with each other.  Can anyone help.  I've been seaching for a good 8 hours and cannot find any actual help.

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    It might help to trash your preferences files.

    See here for instructions.



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    I do not have the files "com.apple.iMovieApp.plist" or "com.apple.iApps.plist"

    The instructions say to remove and trash these files.  I have "com.papple.ilife.plist".  Is this the file i should pull and trash?

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    You may be looking in the wrong place. There is a Library folder under Macintosh HD. There is another Library folder under Macintosh HD/<your user name>/


    Be sure to look for the one under your user name.


    If you still don't see it, which version of iMovie are you on?

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    I am looking in the right place.  I have iMove 11 9.0.8

    I cannot figure this out for the life of me.  I've read many many threads pointing to com.apple.iMovieApp.plist file but file does not exist on my computer.  The closest thing i have is com.apple.ilife.plist.

    Is it just me or do apple products keep getting buggier?  I'm very frustrated by this. 

    I cannot access iTunes in iPhoto if I try to create a slide show and in iMovie I cannot access iTunes nor iPhoto files.  Each app works and has full access to all files inside itself but none of my iLife apps speak to each other.  They did last week and I've not done anything to my Mac other than making sure everthing is up to date.

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    OK.  I've taken a couple of nights to sleep on this.  I'm no longer frustrated but I am no closer to finding solving the problem.  In iMovie I can still access all my iLife sounds and the stuff I have in Garageband.  The only issue I have is the access between iMovie iPhoto and iTunes.  Maybe I should just take it to an Apple store?

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    If you are near an Apple Store, that is a great idea.

    In many Apple Stores, you can make an appointment in advance to see a Genius from the Apple Website.

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    OK I took a week off and came at this again.  You were totally correct.  I was in the wrong place.  The issue has now been resolved with your help.  Thank you thank you.  I still love my iMac.  I got this thing in 2007 and it is still going strong!

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    how did you correct the problem, I am not computer smart, anyway you can say it in laymens language? Help I can not do my video projects.