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Hey everyone when I boot from my OS X install disc to create the partition I run into a problem. I have 106.7 GB of free space on my HDD. I want to create a 60 GB partition. When I do this I am prompted with an error saying something along the lines of "Partition failed please resize". Mind you prior to the partition process I had verified and repaired the permisions and the disk itself through the OS X install disc. All of the aforementioned was attempted using Disk Utility. I currently don't own a external HDD so is there any way I can resolve this issue without backing up and proceeding to format my HDD. If that is the only option i would preferr to know why. Also, the second OS I want to put on the system is Windows 7, and want partition format would a Windows partition be? MS-DOS correct? Any and all help greatly appreciated thank you.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)