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On my mac pro, I have five disks. I just moved a web site folder from the disk I'm using (named ssd240) to a folder in the Sites Folder of a previous user (named leopard) I created when I was using the other disks because I want all the web site stuff to be in one location on the computer.


After doing this, I did a Get Info on the moved folder and got this in the Where : /Users/leopard/Sites/mynewsitefolder/.


However, from a Finder window, if I go through the volume on which I think the folder should be, I cannot see it /Volumes/WDF/Users/leopard/the new site is NOT there.


I realized with this exercise that I had not moved the folder and files off ssd240 but had kept it there and transfered it to a (duplicate) user, not a disk. In the past years, whenever I added a disk with a new system on it, I created a user with the same name, instead of giving permission of the disk to the "old" user.


So I'm realising that over time, although I thought the user "leopard" had the same content on the same disk, that is not the case. I have three "leopard" folders and their contents are not identical. This I detected after having used GoLive and Transmit moving folders to the server and not seeing my changes. This also explains why I constantly added Bookmarks in Safari without ever seeing them available. With Photos, I use iPhoto Library Manager.


I thought all "leopard" users were identical because a Finder window always shows a "Shared Folder" note on the top left-hand corner.


I now have to clean up my disks but it seems that with the Apple search engine, the Get Info box is not precise enough because it does not specify the exact location of the files and which are duplicates.


Is there a program I coud run to compare folders and synchronize based on dates (for example) or other criteria. Some kind of Apple User Manager ; )

Mac Pro OSX 10.4.11, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Give Tri-Backup 6 a look, it is what I have used to synchronize folders and volumes.


    I would think you'd be on Snow Leopard ? by this point in t ime, for security if nothing else.


    Systems: each to it s own disk drive or partition, but users can be anywhere, and general data also especially if shared and used by more than one person, or even if only one, outside the sysetm boot drive or individual user account home folder.


    Maybe even stripe or JBOD some disk to have a single volume of data.


    Maybe something else for searching?

    And for size, location, of files and folders, and details, 3rd party there too.

    To improve and enhance on the Finder I use to use Path Finder.