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Finally, (Hemdella)

I managed to get my EIN by calling the IRS..


Now I'm in the process of creating an account on (iTunes Connect),

I created my book using iBooksAuthor; and now I'm kinda stuck on this step (Catalog Information)


These are the questions:

Number of titles in active print catalog

Number of titles with digital rights

Number of titles currently in EPUB format

Number of titles with digital rights in PDF format (not yet converted to EPUB)

Average monthly number of new frontlist titles


I don't know where I can find the answers to these questions!

Because I didn't create EPUB or something..




iBooks Author, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    Are you sure it's not iTunes Producer that's asking for such information?


    This is the iBA forums...you may have better luck asking in one of the other forums here:




    Be ready to describe how many epubs/books have you ever published that you'd consider representing a 'catalog' of your work?

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    Yes my friend, it says at the top (iTunes Connect)

    and I quote:


    About Your Books


    Once your application is approved, there is no limit on the number of books you can distribute through the iBookstore.



    What I did is I clicked on (Publish) from the iBooksAuthor and followed the steps on how to publish it.


    I've never published a book before; using iBookstore or iBooksAuthor.