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Hello techies,

A month ago I was robbed and my iMac which I purchased around a year ago, is lost. Now police is doing nothing and they closed my case, saying there is not enough points to go ahead with case. I sold my iMac on ebay and the person who purchased it, hacked some one else's paypal account to pay for the imac. He paid and I transferred the money to my bank account and the buyer came to take the item with him and as he paid with the hacked account, money also went back as unauthorised transaction PLUS my iMac too gone...

I was wondering, is there any chances of tracking it through my Macbook or other laptops. I read many posts and people say alot of softwares are there to track the stolen items, but are those softwares were to be installed in my lost iMac or current Macbook to track my other devices. They haven't specified that and I am not interested in waiting for theif to come to apple store and get my imac repaired if any damages. So if you techies can tell me any way to track my lost iMac and save my iphone and macbook for future robberies, I will be grateful... I really want my iMac back as I cannot shell out 1100 bucks again for the current iMac becuase I am a student...!!!

Thank you...