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Hi everyone,


I have two problems!


The first is that when I activate imessage and introduce my ID apple I get a warning saying that my password is wrong!! But isn't, cause I had already used on the apple store, and it's fine.

The thing is that after a few seconds the imessage is activated!!! And I can change imessage only with my wife's iphone (I don't know why). With other contact that have iphones I cant use it because it will go automatically to "normal" text message.


The second problem is that if I want to send a "normal" message with the contacts that have iphone (since the imessage its not available) I get a error saying that the message canot be delivered! I try to send later but always the same error!


Sending messages to others without iphone are ok. So I think that the problem is with the imessage!


I'm using DU and they say that I have everything activated.


Can you give your thoughts, please.


Thank you.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2