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你好!我由于职业需要,经常会使用这个软件,但是在使用过程中,总是无故退出,最近在制作片子的时候,已经制作了十分钟,电脑突然卡机,当再次打开软件,却无法再进入项目 !

MacBook Pro, iOS 6.0.1
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    this boards lingua franca is English.

    and google.translate doesn't do a good job on your message …


    your request has a higher chance to be replied at


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    Dear Mr. Pascal


    This is the result from Google Translate:


    Pascal, Mr.

    Hello! Due to occupational needs, I often use this software, but in the process of using always, most recently in the production of the film, has produced ten minutes, the computer reason to withdraw suddenly card machine, when open the software again, but can not re-enter the project !
    And this sounds as a familiar Question - But Please phrase it into English - So we get a Chance to understand Your Problem to 100% - so that we might be able to give a relevant answer or suggestion.

    • What are You trying to do ?
    • What Video Codec are You using (or what exact Camera (brand and type no:) is material from and in what standard e.g. interlaced SD-Video NTSC (29.97fps) or HD 1920x1080p50 or What)
    • and How is the resulting movie to be delivered ? e.g. as a PAL-DVD or on USB-memory in H.264 or or or or
    Please - be much more informative
    Yours Bengt W