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really dont know what it means Hi everyone


Im havinh this problem trying to upload my ibook with itunes producer:


[2013-01-20 10:19:05 CET] <main>  INFO: Transporter is searching for updated software components.

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main>  INFO: Transporter is up-to-date.

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main>  INFO: Logging level set to eXtreme

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main>  INFO: Logging configured successfully.

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main> DEBUG: Attempting refresh of configuration data from https://contentdelivery.itunes.apple.com/transporter/Defaults.properties

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main> DEBUG: Configuration refresh successful.

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main> DEBUG: Saving configuration to local path: /Users/tuminha/.itmstransporter/Defaults.properties

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main>  INFO: iTMSTransporter : iTunes Store Transporter []

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main>  INFO: OS identifier: Mac OS X 10.8.2 (i386); jvm=21.0-b15; jre=1.7.0-internal-root_2012_07_25_17_59-b00

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main>  INFO: Memory: [JVM] 20M free, 31M total, 989M max [System] (Physical) 128M free, 35827746816M total (Swap) 0 free, 0 total

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main>  INFO: Client: iTunes Producer 2.8 (333)

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main> ERROR: Path specified for argument -f (/Users/tuminha/Desktop/Ibooks/Capitulo carga inmediata/Carga inmediata Espan��ol/Carga_inmediata_y_provisionalizaci_n_inmediata_en_CAD_CAM.itmsp) is invalid.

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main> DEBUG:   full path: /Users/tuminha/Desktop/Ibooks/Capitulo carga inmediata/Carga inmediata Espan��ol/Carga_inmediata_y_provisionalizaci_n_inmediata_en_CAD_CAM.itmsp

[2013-01-20 10:19:08 CET] <main> DBG-X: Returning 1


I really dont know what it means and how can i fix it. If someone can help me i will be more than pleased.



Thanks in advance.

  • Hardijs Level 1 Level 1

    From what I get - you have to have ascii chars only in book asset path.

    /Users/tuminha/Desktop/Ibooks/Capitulo carga inmediata/Carga inmediata Espan��ol/Carga_inmediata_y_provisionalizaci_n_inmediata_en_CAD_CAM.itmsp

    the giveway is "Espan��ol"


    Apparently Java is used and the implementation is not UTF coding friendly.

    rename the folder to "Carga inmediata Espanol"