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i have 8-10 UiWebView's  to load different charts and maps on an iPad, i am using UIScrollView to scroll through each page, problem is while loading of each UiWebView my UiScrollView does not scroll smoothly to other pages horizontally, my query is can i load UiWebView on background and how to make sure the scoll of pages is smooth, even though the loading of UiWebViews may take time.


Note :i have tried disabled scrolling on webview, so when i scroll on the page  the scroll event will be of UiScrollView, so believe no conflict with UiWebView.

also in ios 6 i read about suppressesIncrementalRendering = True but i want to support ios5, also as UiWebViews are said to be running on main thread by default, i suspect when loading of webViews and when user tries to scroll the page, the main thread is busy, but i want the scroll of the page to be smooth  even though the loading of UiWebViews may take time.

iPad, iOS 5.1