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Mac OS X

I've a new Mac Mini Server (last Mac OS X server avaible) without keyboard / monitor.

On my new iMac (last Max OS X avaible) i've installed Apple Remote Desktop.

I can see the ip of Mac Mini Server but when i try to connect it clicking on control tab appears a admin/password dialog box.

I leave as stated here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4938?viewlocale=en_US

blank user and insert the correct long Mac Mini Serial, BUT i cannot connect it.

Why ? Any help would be highly appreciated ...

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    you need either apple remote desktop admin

    which is available in the app store

    or use apples inbuilt screen sharing


    For ARD

    you'll have to enable remote management on the server

    system preferences, remote management

    choose a local user i.e. the admin user

    set what privileges you which the remote user to have


    when you connect to the server from ARD you'll be prompted

    for user name and password, which is the user name and password

    for the remote management user you have setup on the server.


    if the connection is refused look in ARD all computers either delete the entry and scan for computers. or edit any pervious entry (right click get info) and enter the correct username and password


    if your running ARD admin as a normal user some functions may not be accessible

    you'll have to login as admin user on the ARD admin machine start ARD go to ARD preferences and give whatever privileges to none admin users you require


    none admin users:

    full access to all features

    access restricted to the following features

    local network scanner

    network address scanner

    file import scanner