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I bought my ipod touch 5 about two months, maybe three ago. Since I live in China and the postal service is unreliable, I had it sent to America. So a few days ago, a friend brought it from America to me. I turned it on, configured it, and it worked for about maybe half an hour, I was able to see the different apps and use the camera etc. However, I did not download anything onto it yet. All of a sudden it stopped working and it has been stuck on a screen that shows a USB cable pointing to an iTunes logo. After connecting it to the computer and iTunes, it said that my ipod need to be restored and updated. I clicked on that, and after 30 minutes of downloading the update, it said my iPod was in recovery mode and needed to be restored. I clicked it again, but it started downloading the update again.
And it has been in that cycle on and on and on. Does anyone know what to do? I would be much obliged

PS It will not restart, when the screen goes off, it just comes back on and has the same thing on the screen.

iPod touch (5th generation), iOS 6