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I’ve been trying to love the new iTunes 11 for the last month or so and have concluded I never will. I’d like to revert back and can see how this can be done but the issue I have is I’ve made lots and lots of changes to my playlists and added lots of additional music since installing which I’ll obviously lose if I simply revert to an older library.


I see there is the facility to export my library and there are a few option formats there. Is it possible to export as an earlier version or in a format that the old version of iTunes will just import as is?

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    Presumably you know how to make iTunes 11 look more like 10

    ALT shows the menu bar temporarily

    CTRL+B show/hide menu bar

    CTRL+S show/hide side bar

    CTRL+/ show/hide status bar


    To make search more like it was, click on magnifying glass in search bar and uncheck "search entire library"


    If you still want to downgrade uninstall iTunes and install version 10


    iTunes 10 will not work with the 11 library.

    Normally you would recover the backup made at upgrade from the previous iTunes libraries folder.


    In you case you would need to recreate your library from iTunes library.xml

    See http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1451


    All the tracks will have the recreate date as date added, at least it did when I last looked.

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    Thanks, I'd been trying to get the side slidder back so that does help thank you. I'd just like to revert back till they get their act together with this as it's not just the new look but couters, art work etc.

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    If you do decide to attempt this, I suggest you save a copy your iTunes Library.itl from iTunes 11 so you can go back to it if you need to.


    Personally I don't think it is worth the bother of downgrading, but the only thing that worried me was iTunes DJ and it is possible to simulate it with a smart playlist.


    iTunes 10,7 download





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    Thanks I had already downloded v10 and replaced v11 with it but just have the issue of library so had to reinstall 11. You'd think that the library could be exported and imported in a useable format as otherewise its a fairly pointless function.


    Knowing what I know I'd have reverted on the day of the release but I percevered with it for too long creating too many changes to easily go back. Unless I can find a way to either export and import or simply back-up in an earlier format I feel I'm stuck with something I don't want or like with the knowledge what it replaced was infinately better IMO.

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    Rebuilding from the xml file as I indicated will get you your library as it currently except that the dates added will all be the date that you reimport the xml file.

    If you can live with that, it is straight forward.

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    I can indeed, many thanks for your help.

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    Many thanks for your help polydorus, everything back to V10 now including playlists created in V11. One thing I did have to do that others will no doubt encounter is reinstate any ring tones as only the playlists are imported and ringtones will be missing.


    This is just a matter of searching for .M4R files and double clicking on them in file explorer and iTunes sorts the rest. Thanks again.

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    I have a wrinkle on this issue that I am looking for help with before downgrading. I have only had 11 on my window 7 64 bit computer for two weeks so not many changes additions have taken place since the upgrade. The biggest thing for me is that I have 20,000+ wav files in my music library. wav files don't hold metadata so that information is in the .xml and or itl files as I understand it. I want to make sure that doing as instructed in the many posts about downgrading will not lead to the loss of the meta data for these wav files and that would be a devasting loss for me.

    I am hoping someone has experience with a similar library of wav files and can speak to how the transition back to 10.7 worked and whether or not they got their wav metadata through it okay.


    Thanks in advance for any help/responses.

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    To roll back to iTunes 10.7 first download a copy of the 32 bit installer or 64 bit installer as appropriate, uninstall iTunes and supporting software, i.e. Apple Application Support & Apple Mobile Device Support. Reboot. Restore the pre-upgrade version of your library database as per the diagram below, then install iTunes 10.7.




    See iTunes Folder Watch for a tool to scan the media folder and catch up with any changes made since the backup file was created.



    Backup your entire library before downgrading, then update the backup once you're happy the downgrade is successful.


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    I appreciate this, but I am unsure if it answers my question. I doubt that the iTunes Folder Watch can be used to add/manage information to an old itl file and I doubt equally that it could recover lost metadata for wav files should the reversion process and associated old library file usage not include that information.


    Can anyone tell me where metadata for wav files is stored for iTunes? Also, there is plenty of talk about using old library files for the reversion, but no mention of the equally important .xml file. How is the later file effected by the downgrade?

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    iTunes Folder Watch is indeed more useful for tagged files, but you may still have a use for it if you have added or removed a lot of files under iTunes 11.


    Everything that iTunes knows about .wav files is stored in the .itl file. Restore it and you restore what is known. Unless you've been rampantly editing your library the pre-upgrade library should be mostly up to date. The .xml file is provided for third party access to the library. It can be used for a partial reconstruction of the library, but it is not ideal. Offhand I would assume it could restore details of .wav files, but I've not tested it. 


    When iTunes import a .wav file all iTunes works with is the filename. If you make sure that the advanced preferences to Keep... and Copy... are turned off you can use my TagFromFilename to fill in many of the blanks. Keeping these options disabled ensures the files will remain in their artist & album folders even if reimported, otherwise iTunes would move them to Unknown Artist\Unknown Album.


    If you grab a complete backup of your library you will be able to restore things should anything go wrong.



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    Success! Thanks for your help.


    The reversion went smoothly. Sad how Apple has lost the plot in the past two years. iTunes has always been a rickety beast, but version 11 is an embarrassment. I know the Siri dude got blown out for that debacle. I hope whomever led the charge on this travesty is not allowed anywhere near the iTunes app going forward.

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    You're welcome.