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I got a VPN service which is normally used on my iPad and PC. It provides 10M download speed. Tested on Speedtest.net with VPN it shows around 8Mbps on my iPad and around 11Mbps on my PC but only 0.5Mbps on my iPhone5. Without VPN, all 3 devices are at around 12MBps, which is the speed provided by ISP. Why? Is it a bug on ios6.0.2. HELP ME PLZ! orz  (*all my devices are in the same wifi network)

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Additional clue: when it is on 3G, that VPN works properly, but it doesn't work well on Wi-Fi.

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    This happens, exactly as described, to me too. VPN over 3/4G/LTE is fine.


    VPN over WiFi gets around 0.3Mbps

    WiFi alone is 6Mbps

    VPN over 4G is 8Mbps


    In addition, if I connect to a WiFi that has a built in VPN client (i.e. with the VPN client handled in the router) the iPhone 5 goes down to 0.3Mbps again. Other connections (Win 7, Mac OSX 10.8, iPhone 4) all get 5Mbps.


    Didn't earlier versions of iPhone have separate processor, etc. for comms and the new iPhone just has the single chip? I wonder if the VPN overhead isn't being handled as efficiently now as before? Maybe just a simple prority fix?


    Same results for PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN. Looks like something wrong in the iPhone 5 (or iOS 6 and 6.1). If so, come on Apple own up so we can stop running in circles and just sit and wait for the fix (or the iPhone 6).


    If anyone has iPhone 5 and gets good speeds over WiFi and VPN, please post (and include the type of  VPN you use etc.) Then I can maybe go in a swap mine (again) so that I get one that works.

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    Did anyone find a solution to the iPhone 5 being slow through a VPN tunnel? I've been trying to figure this out for two weeks to no avail. I thought it might be my setup, but if others are experiencing this, then, alas, it just might be the phone.


    I experience this with both a 4S and 5S.